word class translations

We say what you mean

word class translations has been providing translation services to leading producers, professionals and agencies for over 30 years. We have the skills and experience to ensure your message is never lost in translation.


Whether you are writing a specialised product manual, a complex legal contract or just a basic business communication, how well it does its job essentially influences the way your business is perceived. And when you need a document in another language, you can be sure we will be as careful in the production of the translation as you have been with the original.


Proper translation is always much more than just a word-for-word rendering. It requires an understanding not only of the language with all its idioms, nuances and variations, but also of the subject matter and its associated technicalities and terms. Supplying a translation that is linguistically and technically correct is the least you can expect from us.


Every translation is different. Technical manuals, legal documents, marketing materials, training courses and many more examples we could mention all have their own specific demands and styles. As does every client. We take the trouble to make sure the finished translation suits the nature of the document and the audience it is aimed at.


Because we have the expertise and the experience gained from decades in the business coupled with the latest translation aids and CAT tools, we can deliver the job in the timescale your deadlines demand without compromising on the quality you expect.